• Main features

    - Files and messages encryption.
    - Six encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent, TwoFish, BlowFish, Triple DES and RSA).
    - Symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms.
    - Digital files signatures.
    - Maximum level of encryption: AES-256 bits and RSA-8192 bits.
    - Hide any type of file inside images using steganography. Up to only one bit modification per pixel (random color component).
    - Bitcoin address generator for Bitcoin wallets. Random and deterministic generator.
    - Hash codes generator for messages and files. Support SHA256, SHA512, SHA1, RIPEMD160, MD5, MD4 and CRC32.
    - Generate a self-extracting .EXE of encrypted file.
    - Secure Chat and File Transfer (true peer-to-peer) with AES-256 encryption.
    - Private Forums for non-live conversations with AES-256 encryption.
    - This software uses random initialization vectors. Encrypted data is always different even if the same content is encrypted with the same password.

    This software has no virus, no malware, no spyware and no adware.
    No time-limited for the Free Version.
    No installation. Unzip & run.

  • Registered Version

    Get the Registered Version in an easy way:

    Please make a donation of 10 euros (about US$ 11) using the PayPal donation button and send the verification code that appears in the Cryptermite application.
    For details see the application documentation.

    Of course, I appreciate any donations if you find the Free Version useful.

    PayPal donation button

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